About us
Our academy was started in 2007 with the motto of “To introduce, Develop & form a team for Chennai to participate (compete) in any upcoming Archery competitions.”

With this Aim we have introduced Archery in many schools in Chennai, in few years we created more medalists in many levels such as Districts, State and National Levels and provided opportunities to compete in International levels in a smooth, safe and achievable way.
We have series of channels to provide wide opportunities to our students/ members.




International Field Archery Association




Field Archery association of India




Tamilnadu Field Archery Development and Welfare association


DISTRICT BODY             


Field Archery Association of Chennai  District





Vill Archery Academy

Our Specials

We teach Basic with our own bows and arrows , so If you need a try , just step in any of our branches for ABC (Archery Basic Course) with in 8 classes you will be understanding the basics of Archery..

We deal up latest teaching techniques, which makes easy to understand and adhere the techniques .

Coaching starts from the age 7+ to 70+ and to all genders.

We teach archery as a passion

Providing opportunities to compete from Interclub to International. A session for parents at every 4 months to understand archery as well as their kids.

We are Trying for the motto: Archery Affordable to All by having tie up with international bow brand manufacturers.

Schools please note : We have plans to introduce archery at your schools in a zero cost investment. Plan - We invest you enjoy.

If you would like to see us in action let us know... call



Our Achievements


Our latest is 11 Students participated through us in 63rd National School Games (SGFI) for Field Indoor Archery 13 gold, 6 Silver and 4 bronze.


Record Created by shooting 3232 arrows in 15 minutes with 41 Vill archers and stepped in to Asian Book of record.