About us
Our academy organization was started in 2009 with the motto of “To introduce, Develop & form a team for Chennai to participate (compete) in any upcoming Archery competitions” With this goal we have introduced Archery in many schools in Chennai in few years and created more medalists in many levels such as Districts, State and National Levels and provided opportunities to compete in International levels in a smooth, safe and in achievable way. 

Our Specials

First Academy in Chennai to teach Field archery and provide opportunities to compete in district, state, nationals and in international events.

If you have ever considered taking up archery or maybe you just wanted to try it out then we are here for you ... School program.

We are working in the concept of " ARCHERY FOR ALL "
Vill Archery Sessions are customized to cater the need of an individual. It starts from children from 7 years of Age and up to corporates.

We are deep into Field Archery because of its Traditional Values and enjoy the real pleasure of Archery with adventurous efforts.

In School Levels we are working with the Schools Sports Co-ordinators to bring archery to schools. We can set up an indoor or outdoor range . Within the first lesson we will have the children shooting bows and arrows safely, competently and eager for more practice!

Did you know archery has other benefits too? It increases cardiovascular activity, develpes hand eye co-ordination, enhances maths skills, increases special and body awareness, encourages social interaction, builds self-esteem and so much more which can only benefit children.


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Our Achievements


Recently we won 22 medals in Mumbai Mayor National Indoor Field archery Championship held in Mumbai on 3&4th April 2016.


In the year " 2014 " our students participated in National Indoor Field Archery Championship and won 28 medals in various categories held in Tamilnadu.


We jointly hosted national championship with Field Archery Association of Tamilnadu.


Achieved 6 medals in Tamilnadu state level archery championship hels in Rasipuram on April 2011.


Conducted Vill archery academy’s first Tamilnadu state level Indoor archery championship and won 6 medals on 3rd July 2011.


Conducted Vill archery academy’s first Tamilnadu state level Indoor archery championship and won 6 medals on 3rd July 2011.


Bagged 11 medals in State level Field Archery Championship-2012 held in Yelagiri. (June 2nd – 3rd).


13 medals & achieved Vall Vill Ori Trophy in State level Archery championshipheld in Kolli Hills on August 2012.

Many Events & Achievements of medals were came across our way of sccess in 2013. As a book mark we are glad to mention that 11 of our students participated in INDOOR ARCHERY WORLD CUP. held at Singapore on 08-12-13.

 And still working on to strive …….